Velsertunnel, aged almost 60 years, is the eldest motorway of the Netherlands. This tunnel needs a thorough refurbishment, almost daily too high lorries cause damage to the tunnel ceiling. Also a lot of equipment such as fire fighting system and ventilation are replaced to meet new and more strickt safety regulations. That is why Rijkswaterstaat, the Dutch Road Authority, decided upon large scale maintenance in 2016.

Rijkswaterstaat rewarded the contract for this refurbishment to the Hyacint consortium. This consortium consists of Besix Netherlands, Dura Vermeer, Spie and Croon. Hyacint asked Soltegro to make sure the requirements become clear and complete, make in integral functional design and draft the testplans and testprotocols,


Take a look at the animation of the renovation (courtesy of Rijkswaterstaat).


To get complete and clear requirements, we preliminary to the final contract award during the so called convergence phase, used a SCRUM apporach together with the consortium parteners and the client to elaborate all crucial installations. The objective was to avoid misinterpretation leading to wrong solutions during the project execution phase. We also wanted to test foreseen solutions on their feasibility and customers expectations.

After completion of the convergence phase we deliveride the preliminary design. Starting point for the preliminary design is the Dutch Tunnel Standard (LTS- Landelijke Tunnel Standaard) introduced by Rijkswaterstaat during 2012. Complicating factor in this project was that most, but not all, existing equipment and installations were to be replaced while in general the LTS was applicable. With our implementation of Model Based Systems Engineering we succeeded in delivering a preliminary design that fulfilled the specific Velsertunnel requirements and lived up to the LTS. After acceptance of the preliminary design we further elborated the systems into a detailed design. Both the prelimanary and the detailed design were delivered within time and budget. In parallel to our design activities we drafted uop the testplans in a clear one-to-one relationship to the requirements and the designs.


Our activities amongst others were:

  • Completing clear and unambiguous requirements
  • Managed, traceable and demonstrable elaboration of requirements into functional design (preliminary and detailed designs)
  • Assuring an integral functionality of the tunnel systems
  • Drafting of testplans and testprotocols
  • Support and realization of execution design of, amongst others, Command, control and safety system/MMI and communication systems.


Soltegro was within the consolrtium fully or partially responsible for the delivery of the products below: 

During the convergence phase:

  • System Development  Plan
  • System specification and design of crucial installations
  • Requirements management plan
  • Test and Evaluation Master Plan (test strategy)
  • RAMS plan and RAMS report (system level)
  • Review plan
  • Eleboration of vertical slices (CCTV, overpressure and trafficlights)


During preliminary design:

  • System Development  Plan (including update preliminary design and detailed design phase)
  • Full elaboration of System specification and design
  • RAMS plan and RAMS report (system level full design)
  • Site Integration Testplan and Testprotocols


)During detailed design:

  • System Development  Plan (including update preliminary design and detailed design phase)
  • Elaboration of the subsystem specifications of 39 subsystems
  • Elaboration of functional parts of 39 subsystems
  • Integration of technical parts in subsystem designs
  • RAMS plan en RAMS rapport (update subsystem level)
  • IFAT and ISAT plans and testprotocols
  • Elaboration of command, control and safety subsystem specification
  • Elaboration of functional parts in MMI and  command, control and safety subsystem design
  • Integration of technical parts in MMI and  command, control and safety subsystem design
  • Quality control and integral functionality


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