STDS at Westerscheldetunnel

The Westerscheldetunnel connects Zuid-Beveland and Zeeuws-Vlaanderen and is owned by N.V. Westerscheldetunnel. The tunnel is approx. 6,6 km long and has 2 tubes with 2 traffic lanes. The maximum speed in the tunnel is 100 km/h. The tunnel is of eminent importance in the connection between Vlissingen and Antwerp. Soltegro’s Traffic Detection System (STDS) has been piloted in the Westescheldetunnel and a comparison has been made with the loop based existing detection system.

Following traffic controller’s complaints concerning the accuracy of existing detection systems for speed discrimination we analysed the existing systems and studied various alternative solutions. We drafted the requirements for this system and researched various technological solutions. We concluded that a system using infrared was likely to become most successful in delivering adequate measurements and less false alarms.

We developed the solution using a SCRUM approach and in the meanwhile searched for a pilot location which became the Westerscheldetunnel. After thoroughly testing the system using a simulation environment we installed the system in 2015 and piloted the system for more than 6 months while monitoring it thoroughly and analysing the results.

During the pilot period the system performed extremely well and without any disturbances in operation. The detection result has proven to be very accurate and results exceed those of the existing systems used. Traffic controllers were very positive on the results and the usability of the system. After the pilot the system has been productized and is now available for commercial use. Besides being able to determine speed differences, the system is capable of speed measurement and detection of dangerous goods. As the system is very well capable analysing traffic flows it can be used to predict traffic jams helping the traffic controller to act much earlier, increasing road safety and availability.

Software engineering, hardware engineering, system integration, simulation, testing, project management.