ORBIT Train Application

ProRail is responsible for the Dutch railway infrastructure. Together with operators ProRail focusses 24/7 on safe an timely transport of people and goods.

To increase safety in the railway infrastructure the rail sector has set itself an objective to lower the number of red signal passages. One of the measures defined is ORBIT. Together with Ordina Soltegro realized the ORBIT Train Application. This application is part of the ORBIT system that as an embedded system is installed in the trains. The application receives the position of a red signal and based on the speed and GPS position of the train and based on this iformation generates a warnis for the train driver.


The project is executed using SCRUM. Together with ProRail user stories have been drafted based on the initial requirements. During the project the backlog is continuously updated in a manner that also new features could be integrated. Each sprint (of three weeks) resulted in a working system on the hardware prototype supplied by ProRail. The executed tests were traced towards the requirements so that at any moment it was clear what the progress according to the functionality to be implemented was. During each sprint a performance and endurance test were performed to demonstrate the non functional requirements.


The development of ORBIT took place on protype hardware. So during the design it had to be taken into account that the definitive hardware could change.

The activities, amongst others, were:

  • Support the product owner ondersteunen in drafting user stories.
  • Design of the application.
  • Implementing the applicatie based on Java 8.
  • Testing of completed features.
  • Supporting the transition to the maintenance party.


Soltegro succesfully realized the design and implementation of the ORBIT train application te lower the number of red signal passages ordered by the Dutch railway sector. As an important player within the railway sector ProRail awarded the project with the remark "very good". The application has been delivered to the maintenace party who will assure implementation on the definitive hardware platform.


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