Joulz - part of the Dutch Eneco group - is a specialist in creating more sustainable grids and (sub)stations. Energy consumption is constantly rising and the Dutch grid is changing overtime due to more decentralized and more sustainable power generation and power consumers that have to be connected to the grid. This requires changes in the current grid. Besides that the demonds on availibility and reliability of power supply increases while in parallel the grid is being adapted to the new situation. To be able to fulfill the changing energy demand a modernization of control and protection systems is being executed. One of the stations to be modernised is the high voltage station Eemshaven (220 / 380 kV)


A choice is made for a high degree of standardiziation of control and protection systems. Eemshaven is an existing station and therefor initially not fit for those new standard building blocks. Our expert, supported by our own design methodology, provided the knowledge and experience to well oversee the current functionality and functioning of this highvoltage station and were able to translate this to the new building blocks. Our apporach assured a well managed transformation of the existing situation to a new design.


The activities consisted of:

  • Design of three out of six branches of the highvoltage station.
  • Drafting the refurbishment plan clearly indicating what had to be taken out and what had to be newly installed including the necessary workflow to reduce the risks during the refurbishment
  • Design of the complete protection and control systems closely fitting the existing installation


Soltegro has delivered the complete designs, fulfilling all Tennet's quality requirements Te designs are succesfully realized, commissioned and handed over to the client by Joulz.


Highvoltage engineering primairy | secundairy and tertiair systems | calculation of short circuit forces | calculating settings and configuration of protection system | earthing  and lightning protection designs | Systems engineering