De Lijn


The Belgian public transport company "De Lijn" operates "The Coastal Tram" between Knokke and De Panne. This tram line is essential for the tourism along the Belgian coast. Regularly local residents complain about whining noises in curves originating from the contact between wheels and track.

"De Lijn" asked Soltegro to develop a system to prevent this nuisance. The system is based on bio degradable lube which is injected on the front wheel when entering a curve. To prevent spilling the lube it is very important to apply the right amount at the right time.


In cooperation with De Lijn we specified the system and made a proposal for realization on the basis of fixed time and fixed price.
Following the specifications we chose an off the shelf embedded system on which we developed the necessary software. The flange lubrication system operates autonomously. A combination of GPS and a couple of additional sensors and actuators like rain sensor, lubrication level sensor decide on the necessity of applying lubricant. In case of  changes in the infrastructure the system can easily be reconfigured by means of a PC based configuration application and uploaded to the vehicle by means of a USB stick. The lubrication level sensor measures the use of lubricant and timely sends an SMS message to the maintenance department to refill the lubricant reservoir.


  • Define system specification
  • System design
  • Hardware selection and supply
  • Software design and realization
  • Installation support (hardware)
  • Testing
  • Commissioning


Within a short timespan Soltegro delivered a complete working system which supports De Lijn in operating the coastal line without producing whining noises annoying the local residents .


Software engineering | Embedded systems | Agile | C++ | GPS | Testing