COVRA (Centrale Organisatie voor Radioactief Afval - Central Organisation for Radioactive Waste) has the responsibility to safely collect, process and store radioactive waste. This is carried out by using a fully automated system for transporting and storing highly radioactive waste of the Dutch nuclear reactors. The current command and control system is nearing it's end of life. Besides that improvement of the technical solution as well as the handling process was necessary. Soltegro analyzed problems and bottlenecks and proposed a plan to modernize and improve the system. This plan was the starting point for Soltegro being awarded the contract to replace the existing system and optimize the processes.


Based on a structured decision methodology called AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) various solutions have been examined, calculated and decided upon. In cooperation with our customer the best solution is chosen. Afterwards we started documenting the full set of requirements for the command and control system and prepared a design containing the required functionality and fulfilling all requirements regarding reliability, availability and safety.


During the replacement of the transport system the Highly Radioactive Process and Storage Building (HABOG) had to continue functioning for storing radioactive waste delivered by COVRA's customers. At the same time all interfaces with the existing other equipment of the plant should be unimpaired.The reliability and safety of the HABOG and the safety for operators and environment shouldn't be at stake at any time during the replacement by the new command and control system.

The activities performed, amongst others, were:

  • Selection process of new software for command and control (SCADA, Workflow system)
  • Design of the complete command and control system fitting within the existing equipment of the plant
  • Implementing control components
  • Integrating the HABOG command and control system with the existing equipment of the plant
  • Testing and commissioning of the entire plant


Soltegro developed and implemented a completely modernized HABOG command and control system prepared for COVRA's future demands. From the start of the design we focussed on  reliability, availability and safety as well as on useablity and efficient working processes. Processing and storing highly radioactie waste, now and in the future, is done in an efficient and safe manner.


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